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 Cleaning MakeUp Brushes!

The modern day sword of your make up armory! The tool that helps bring your artistry to jubilance! This very brush  though, often begs your time to be washed and once washed takes its own sweet time to dry. And yeah, we are all guilty of - I'll do it tomorrow need or this weekend, but then again there are those tasks be it home or work, that the super you as to cater to. Dirty make up brushes are one of the leading causes of Acne and Face Infections, don't trust us, ask Google. 

 61% of makeup brushes are washed once a month and 22% never at all.

Huffington Post
What if the same technique used to cleans clothes in the washer, is used to clean your  makeup brushes in half the time or less, and helps get it half dry or more in less than a minute. All for the cost of about two movie tickets

Lightning Fast

Now spend less than 30 seconds per brush. All at the push of a button.

Time For Other Activities

Time for those fun and interesting make up videos or catching up shows on Netflix


 Using the spinner, dry your brushes in 50% less time than left to air dry in the open

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Returns, if you are not happy with the makeup cleaner

Revolutionary Makeup Cleaner

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! We ship worldwide. Please allow 14-24 days.

The makeup cleaner is made of high grade plastic for the bowl and silicone for the make up brush holders[mater, which guarantees a high-level quality. 

8 silicon holders, that suit 95% of the brushes on the market

We are so confident that you will like our make up cleaner, that we are offering a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.Try it out, wash a few brushes, let us know what you you think :)

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